Brochure launch at Assam Agri Horti show

 Brochure launch at Assam Agri Horti show

A moment of pride and honor for the entire family of SIMFED, to launch its official Brochure for its coveted upcoming event EXPO ONE (Organic North East) hosted at Agri Horti Show in ASSAM, on 19 December 2022.

It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to acknowledge the first step of our endeavor towards the execution of 1 st Expo One at North East Region which will showcase the utmost importance of Organic cultivation done by NER. We express our heartiest gratitude to the Hon’ble Agriculture and Veterinary Minister of Assam, Shree Atul Bora for his benign presence in the show to inaugurate the Preliminary Brochure of EXPO ONE.


  • ♥ wishes and congratulations

    Best wishes

  • Congratulations on your efforts to bring this event to fruition.
    I feel honoured to be invited as a guest speaker during your erstwhile 3 day conference planned for 3rd, 4th & 5th February 2023. My focus will be on the area of the applicability and ease of adopting internationally recognised permaculture principles in the development of successful organic agriculture and human settlement systems throughout India.
    In my experience, it is pleasing to note that already within the “seven sister” states there is generally a higher awareness towards organic standards than found around other regions of India.
    I am therefore more than pleased to contribute towards any capacity building and knowledge sharing for the benefit of all the stakeholders involved!
    Yours sincerely
    Vic Gaffney
    (President/Founder) Permaculture India

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